About Us

What we do

We rework designer pieces that were pre loved, too old, unused or simply forgotten and repurpose them into new pieces, giving them a second life to be loved all over again.

Being sustainable and affordable, not only helping the planet but your wallet aswell.

One of a kind jewellery

Unique and one of a kind, due to the nature of our business, restock in uncertain. We source our designer pieces from 2 trusted suppliers so this can take days, weeks or even months just to find the right piece for our business.

Face behind Kimberly May 

Hi! I'm Monie, Fun fact, Kimberly May isn't my name. It is a mix of my daughter's name. I created this business after owning a few designer pieces and turning them into necklaces, friends would always tell me "you should really start a side hustle with that" I was pregnant at the time and that was the last thing on my mind.

Fast forward a few months, I gave birth to my 2nd girl annnnd with a newborn, mama up all night, I hoped on Instagram created a page, weeks of research, played around on Shopify and next thing you know I was launching my very first collection.

Can't believe it's been almost 4years since I started this and I'm honestly grateful for the love and support from you all. Whether it's a like, share or a purchase. Nothing ever goes unnoticed.